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How to Make Good Cannabis Packaging

How to Make Good Cannabis Packaging

Whether you're looking to open a dispensary, provide a service or launch a product line, you need to be certain that the way you present yourself to your audience is on point.

The cannabis industry is on the brink of a massive explosion. In 2016, four new states legalized adult recreational cannabis use, another four legalized medical use and legal marijuana sales in North America hit nearly $7 billion. Building on that momentum, the cannabis sector is poised to see major growth in 2017. Now is the time to capitalize on this lucrative opportunity and launch a cannabis brand. But proceed with intent. With the flood of new businesses to the market, establishing the right brand strategy from the start will be the key to your on-going success.

Here's some information that will kick-start your branding, packaging and design initiatives.

Why does branding matter?

In a growing and soon to be competitive market, branding is one way of helping you increase sales while protecting and extending the uniqueness of your service or product.

If you have a business or thought of launching one, it’s likely that someone, at some time, told you to “build your brand.” And perhaps you got yourself a logo and thought the job was done. But, the reality is that your brand is much larger than a single logo, color or slogan.

Your brand helps customers and prospects, understand and remember what’s unique about you. It tells your story and helps attract new customers and keep the ones you already have.

A good place to start is to identity a couple things that makes your brand or products special, and focus on building those into a brand story. A good brand story will:

  • delivers a clear, concise and credible message
  • emotionally connects to its audience
  • motivates the buyer to purchase
  • reinforces continued loyalty

How does packaging design influence buying behavior?

Even for highly rational people, there is always an emotional aspect to buying something that most people are not consciously aware of. Impulse purchases are directly related to packaging and shelf appeal. Bottom in is that packaging is an essential piece of your marketing strategy. In many cases, it is the last "ad" a person will see for the product before they decide which product to buy.

The study publish by Psychology & Marketing discovered that viewing attractive packaging caused more intense brain activity than neutral packaging. Attractive packaging also caused activity in brain areas associated with rewards, while unattractive packaging caused activity in areas of the brain connected with negative emotions.

Clearly, product packaging has a real influence on how we feel about products, which directly connects to our choices about what to buy. So, make sure to invest real time and effort into this piece.

What makes good packaging?

Most consumers are not consciously aware of how packaging influences their purchase. They may not be able to verbalize it, but there are some things consumers are actively looking for. By ensuring your packaging succeeds in giving consumers what they want in these areas will significantly help your bottom line.

Packaging needs to clearly identify the product and brand, especially to help loyal consumers find it easily. The most relevant information about the product should also be clearly explained, such as the key ingredients, type of product or flavor.

Uniqueness matters when it comes to packaging. It's often better to push the envelope than to stick with familiar designs. Just make sure that packaging functions well. Especially with cannabis, some product packaging have a storage or protective function, even after purchase. If packaging can double as a storage or carrying case, it should be durable, compact, and easy to use.

What makes good cannabis packaging?

With the increasing competition in the cannabis industry, your packaging matters more than ever. The days of the one-note stoner aesthetic are over making way for mainstream appeal.

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating your packaging:

  • design to your audience's tastes
  • follow packaging design best practices
  • have a clear messaging hierarchy
  • be unique
  • be compliant with the law

Many people play it safe by replicating designs they have seen before in their category which leads to doing what everyone else in your industry is doing. The key here is to be smart and be different. Choose designs that present something new to consumers so your products don't get lost in the sea of sameness. Consider working with a design agency who has experience in different industries. Launching a new brand with a fresh look will set you up for explosive success, especially in the social space.

Learn more about how to launch a cannabis brand.

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